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In this class, your child will learn the necessary reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and writing skills to succeed on the FSA. S/he will also learn valuable social studies concepts and skills to become a globally aware citizen. Below is a description of the weekly homework format.

Students will be expected to write all assignments down at the beginning of the week. Those assignments will always include a sentence dictation and reading for 30 minutes every night. They will have to write the title and pages read in their agenda. Miss Cleveland will check student agendas every day to see if homework was completed. Completing homework every night earns Dojo points! Students with most points receive fun coupons for the week and Bulldog Bucks.  Please check your child's agenda (still available for $5 in the office) for assignments and places to complete them. If your child does not have an agenda, a piece of paper with the dictation on it has been placed in the homework folder or written in a notebook.

Sentence dictations are BPA's version of spelling tests. They help students understand how to connect words in a sentence as well as practice correct spelling and handwriting. Please practice those dictations daily with your child. It is a quiz grade worth 10 points each Friday, and those scores impact your child's overall grade.  Your child will write the dictations on the lines in his/her agenda or staple paper in the agenda. Alternatively, they can have a binder with an agenda, folder, and extra paper. Please say the sentences and help your child write them 1-2 times.

Attached are flyers for the three primary programs we use for reading achievement at BPA: Achieve3000, iStation, and myON. Your child has a login sheet with all the usernames and passwords required to enter these sites.

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